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Review of The Running Man


A fast-paced, thrill ride of a story. No, it isn't Stephen King at his best, but even realizing how the book has to end, it's an enjoyable read. (Don't read the foreword, it gives away the ending. I didn't, but seasoned readers will figure it out early in the story.)

Ben Richards is not a likable character. He can't just make a decision (like to quit his job b/c it's making him sterile & he wants kids), he has to accentuate it by doing something stupid. Yes, he was born into the wrong class. Yes, he's more educated than most of his peers. However, he's never made a good decision. Half-way through his "run" he may realize that it's his shortcomings that have caused his grief, but he never acknowledges it.

Despite all of this, I found myself rooting for him - grudgingly - simply b/c of the ending.

The game show/reality television/dystopian setting is all too plausible. Unfortunately, there are a few situations which are not, and my suspension of disbelief went out the window on those occasions.

Still, a fun read.